Will my videographer be obtrusive?

No. CTM Productions prides itself on its videographers being like a fly on the wall. We won’t bother you to pose shots and ask unimportant questions. We will discuss all your details before your wedding date. Our trained professionals capture every detail of your wedding without getting in the way. We won’t move or be distractive during the wedding service, nor will we get in the way and bother guests during the reception. We want you to remember your wedding day, not the experience with your videographer.

Why do we need a 2nd camera during the ceremony?

We always recommend a 2nd camera for many reasons. Having a 2nd angle allows us to edit both angles into your final edited version.   This gives you a much more dynamic and visually interesting video. Also, Many ceremony sites have restrictions as to where the videographers may place their cameras.  In some instances, this is not always the most ideal location.  In these situations, having the 2nd angle gives us more flexibility to get the best shots and, during editing, allows us to choose between the two angles so there is almost always a clear shot of the two of you.

Can we get our edited copy on DVD or CD-ROM?

Yes, we will provide your videotape on DVD to be viewed at home and on a computer, or a CD-ROM to be viewed on your computer. DVD has superior picture quality. Each DVD will hold up to 6 hours of video and a CD-ROM disc will hold up to one hour of video. DVD and CD-ROM has a life expectancy of about 100 years with no quality loss.

When will our wedding day DVD’s be ready?

Usually, it will take up to 2-6 weeks to have your video delivered.